Finance as a service

As John Fullerton wrote:

It is time for finance to resume its proper and humble place as servant to, not master of, the real economy—an economy that promotes a more equitably shared prosperity while respecting the physical limits of our finite planet.  Such transformation is the Great Work of our age, work that drives the Capital Institute and many other organizations fostering the emergence of a new economy.  Restoring our democracy is an essential step, which just may be at hand.  Still a long shot, but we shall see.

The financial system is not per se generating value. It is a servant to facilitate production, trade and services of others. It should be the oil in the motor of the economy. A good oil is important, but nobody would think, it’s the oil that is the most important part of a car. And when the oil starts to stragulate the motor by getting fatter and fatter and think it is the Master of the Universe. You definitely got the wrong kind of motor oil. A change is in order. is one possibility (in its sector of corporate loans and financing) to reduce the reliance on the traditional or the shadow banking system.

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